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Are you interested in breast lift surgery to correct drooping breasts – but you’re not sure how much you should start budgeting for the procedure?

Whether you’re still considering breast lift surgery or you’re ready to schedule a consultation right now, take a look at how much breast lift surgery can cost, as well as the factors that can influence your surgical costs.

The Average Cost of a Breast Lift

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of breast lift surgery – also known as a mastopexy – is $4,693. This data is from 2019, so that cost could vary as the 2020 statistics are released.

What Factors Affect My Breast Lift Costs?

The final cost of your breast lift surgery may look a lot different from the ASPS’s average costs; that’s because several factors can influence what you end up paying, including:

  • Your plastic surgeon’s expertise: The more experienced your plastic surgeon, the more likely it is that you’ll pay more for that experience. That’s a good thing – you don’t want a discount surgeon working on something as important as the look of your breasts!
  • Your zip code: Your cost-of-living index can influence what you’ll end up paying for your breast lift, as a more expensive location may carry a higher surgical price tag than a more modest area of the country.
  • Additional fees: Surgical center fees, general anesthesia costs, and prescription medications can all add up to influence the total costs of your breast lift surgery. 

You can learn more about the factors that may affect your breast lift costs by scheduling a consultation with an experienced breast lift surgeon.

Can Insurance Cover My Breast Lift?

In general, health insurance doesn’t cover the cost of elective surgery, under which a breast lift is considered. However, Dr. Keusch accepts financing through programs such as CareCredit. During your in-person consultation, our team can answer any questions that you have and walk you through all of the payment options.

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