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Breast Reduction

Reduction Mammoplasty


Relieve discomfort and experience the sensation of weightlessness in your own body once again. The ultimate goal of breast reduction is to reduce breast size, leading to a significant reduction in neck, back, and shoulder discomfort. Those who choose breast reduction consistently express high satisfaction compared to other plastic surgery procedures. Breast reduction can help make patients feel like they can live life again without constantly being uncomfortable or in pain during daily activities. Imagine finding bras that fit comfortably, enjoying exercise without feeling self-conscious about your breasts, and feeling more confident in your appearance every day.
Expert Level Care

Breast Reduction Surgery from Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Cristina Keusch

Dr. Cristina Keusch will provide you with the care, attention, and results you deserve. She’s a highly skilled surgeon that takes her time to completely assess your desires and determine the best way to achieve the results you want. Dr. Keusch has been practicing since 1990 and is extremely committed to providing the highest standards in patient care.

  • Castle Connolly Top Doctor Since 2004
  • Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Who Has Been Practicing Since 1990
  • One of Boca Raton’s Most Experienced & Respected Surgeons


Breast reduction is performed under general anesthesia; during the procedure, your plastic surgeon will make incisions along the breasts. These incisions allow the plastic surgeon to access the breast tissue. At this point, the plastic surgeon will remove breast tissue and reshape what remains into a smaller, more uplifted, breast. Excess skin is removed to help complement the new shape. Dr. Cristina Keusch uses a short scar technique that results in a lollipop scar in the central breast, avoiding the long anchor scar in other techniques. The entire procedure takes two to three hours to perform with excellent results, with many patients feeling a significant improvement in neck and back pain almost immediately after the surgery.
You’re a good candidate for breast reduction if you want to reduce the size of your breasts because you’re in pain or you feel like you’re physically limited by having large breasts.
Natural looking results from Boca Raton’s top surgeon


Get your questions answered by meeting in-person for a breast reduction consultation with Dr. Keusch. Contact us by submitting your information online or click below to call us directly and one of our experienced team members will schedule your consultation.
Real-life results

Before & After


Most patients can see initial results immediately after surgery, as your breasts may appear smaller and your back, neck, and shoulder pain may be completely gone.
Some swelling may continue to be present for a few months after surgery, with final results visible around the six-month mark.


You’ll do the brunt of your recovering for the first week after the surgery when you’ll be encouraged to rest and recuperate. During this time, you should wear compression garments to help ease post-op swelling and bruising. You may be cleared to return to work about one to two weeks after the surgery, depending on the type of job you perform. Patients can resume strenuous physical activity about six to eight weeks after the surgery.



“I had lived with terrible scars from treatment for skin cancer. My friend recommended that I go see Dr. Keusch, I am so thankful that I took her advice.”*

“Dr. Keusch took the time to answer all of my questions concerning the procedure that I want to have, she explained to me and my husband the realistic results that I should expect, what a difference.”*

“After having my breasts removed I made an appointment with Dr. Keusch. She took the time to explain all of the options that were available and recommended the procedure that would give me the best possible results for my situation. That has been several years ago. Now she is going to do my eyes!”*

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