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Derm on Demand


Need a dermatologist ASAP? Our same-day dermatology appointments ensure you get the care you need precisely when you need it. Whether it's an urgent skin concern or a last-minute check-up, our experienced dermatologists are here to provide prompt and effective solutions. Say goodbye to long wait times and hello to convenient, efficient care. Schedule your same-day appointment now and experience the relief of timely dermatological assistance. Your skin deserves the best – don't wait, act today!

Full Skin Exam

We know you worry about your skin, especially here in South Florida, so it can be hard to wait a full year for your next insurance approved full-body skin check. That’s why we are offering the convenience of a self-pay exam anytime of the year with our Derm on Demand appointments. This exam includes up to three freezing treatments if necessary. Biopsies will incur an additional charge and may require a follow up appointment depending on complexity.


This appointment is designed to evaluate your skin, discuss current skin care regimens and complete a plan of action to improve complexion and confidence.


This appointment will address a new rash or skin eruption and plan for treatment. Time will be devoted to understanding the history of the problem and education regarding diagnosis and treatment options.

Lesion Spot Check

This appointment is designed for patients who have up to two lesions of concern. Treatment of one lesion with liquid nitrogen/freezing (wart, pre-cancer, nonmalignant irritated growth) is included in office visit fee.
Biopsy or further treatment will incur an additional charge; an additional appointment may be necessary depending on complexity. If you have more than two lesions of concern a Full Skin exam is recommended.

Pigmentation or Rosacea

This appointment will address skin pigmentation issues or rosacea and plan for treatment. Time will be devoted to understanding the history of the problem and education regarding diagnosis and treatment options.
Expert Level Care

Allyson Lilly, APRN

Allyson Lilly was born and raised in South Florida and currently lives with her husband in East Pompano Beach. She is a Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner and earned her Master of Science in Nursing from the esteemed University of Miami where she graduated at the top of her class.


“I had lived with terrible scars from treatment for skin cancer. My friend recommended that I go see Dr. Keusch, I am so thankful that I took her advice.”*

“Dr. Keusch took the time to answer all of my questions concerning the procedure that I want to have, she explained to me and my husband the realistic results that I should expect, what a difference.”*

“After having my breasts removed I made an appointment with Dr. Keusch. She took the time to explain all of the options that were available and recommended the procedure that would give me the best possible results for my situation. That has been several years ago. Now she is going to do my eyes!”*