3003, 2021

SculpSure vs. CoolSculpting: Which is Right for Me?

By |March 30th, 2021|Body Contouring, CoolSculpting, Procedures, WarmSculpting with SculpSure|

Many people have troublesome areas of stubborn body fat they would like to eliminate.  These are the bulges, fat rolls, and muffin tops that never seem to respond to modifications in diet or any amount of exercise.  There are surgical procedures that can help, but the cost of such procedures and the necessary down time required are not always attractive options.  Non-invasive body contouring to address problem fat has been around for a few years.  The big benefits of these treatments is no surgery and zero down time.  The most popular procedures involve destroying the fat cells by heating them or freezing them.  While the goals may be similar, [...]

2503, 2021

Is Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery Right for You?

By |March 25th, 2021|Botox, Eyelid Lift, Face and Neck, Skin & Laser Center|

Do you wish you could wear eyeliner but the skin on your upper lid slips over turning your liner into a sloppy mess? Do the bags under your eyes make you look unwell and like you’ve been staying out too late? Do your eyes say 60 but your actual age is 35 to 50? Well, if any of these scenarios sound like you, then you might be an excellent candidate for eyelid surgery with Dr. Cristina Keusch. She is the premier female plastic surgeon with over 30 years experience in Boca Raton, Florida. Known medically as a blepharoplasty, a cosmetic eyelid lift is one of the most commonly performed [...]

2202, 2021

How to Get Radiant Skin With SkinMedica® Skin Peels

By |February 22nd, 2021|Face and Neck, Skin & Laser Center|

If you're looking for radiant skin, you've come to the right place. The world of skin peels is a mysterious and sometimes confusing one, but the results are also impressive. It may be challenging for those who are new to skin peels to understand which peel type is the best for your skin and the results you are trying to achieve. Even for those who have used skin peels before, you may be looking for information on which skin peel can help with a different skin issue. When we talk about "skin peels," we are referring to superficial peels that are administered by a licensed professional--a physician, an aesthetician, or [...]

1102, 2021

Vivace – The Next Generation of Microneedling

By |February 11th, 2021|Face and Neck, Laser Treatments, Stretch Mark Treatment|

Find out how Vivace treatments can refresh and rejuvenate your complexion.   Vivace is an innovative microneedling treatment used with radiofrequency energy to improve skin tone on the face and neck.  This minimally-invasive, non-surgical procedure promotes long-term, natural collagen growth that helps to tighten the skin and minimize pore size.  Vivace treatments can result in a noticeable improvement in the skin’s tone, texture, and firmness. How does Vivace work? Microneedling is a collagen induction therapy.  The Vivace treatment uses superfine, sterile needles to prick the skin and generate the formation of new collagen and skin tissue.  What [...]

2201, 2021

10 Reasons to Love DiamondGlow

By |January 22nd, 2021|DiamondGlow|

Social media and television are filled with beautiful people with skin that is crystal clear and positively radiant. Have you ever caught yourself scrolling through your Instagram feed or watching a movie on Netflix and wondered how someone could have such gorgeous skin? Now you can have it too with the revolutionary DiamondGlow™ treatment that will leave your skin looking smooth and utterly flawless. The best part? It lasts. According to Dr. Cristina Keusch, many different factors affect an individual’s overall skin health, including genetics, age, hormones, diet, exercise and lifestyle choices, stress, and hydration—and these are just naming a few. The bottom line is this: Many different factors and [...]

1512, 2020

All About Lasers – 4 Treatment Options for Beautiful Skin

By |December 15th, 2020|Laser Treatments, Stretch Mark Treatment|

Did you know that laser treatments can be beneficial for treating a wide breadth of skincare concerns? Laser treatments can also help with reducing areas with stubborn fat. By understanding what types of laser treatments are available on the market, you can decide with your specialist's help if laser treatments are right for you. #1: Laser Hair Removal One common type of laser procedure is laser hair removal. This procedure is FDA approved for laser hair reduction and can help slow the growth of hair for patients concerned with the amount of hair or thickness of the hair that grows on their face and body. The [...]

1811, 2020

Botox vs Fillers – Everything You Need to Know

By |November 18th, 2020|Botox, Dermal Fillers, Lip Fillers|

Many patients have heard of both botox and fillers but often wonder which one is right for them. There are pros and cons to botox just as there are for fillers, and depending on what kind of goal you are trying to achieve, one might be a better option over the other. It can be challenging to understand the differences between Botox and fillers, but here we’ll explore everything you need to know about both substances. What is Botox? Botox and fillers are both types of injectables available to patients. Botox is a drug made from a bacterium and is used in tiny doses to help [...]

1811, 2020

5 Alternatives to Liposuction for an Irresistible Figure

By |November 18th, 2020|Abdominoplasty, Arm Contouring, Exilis Therapy, Liposuction|

Attaining a smooth and irresistible figure is no easy feat, and many different factors affect how easy it will be for each person. A combination of genetics, age, illness, and ability can impact how well we will be able to attain our ideal figure naturally through diet and exercise. Everyone must follow a healthy diet and exercise plan for their overall health. However, it can be challenging for many to get the results they want when it comes to targeting specific areas, such as the tummy and thighs. With the help of some minimally invasive procedures, there are options available for patients to get the look they want. Liposuction has [...]

2710, 2020

Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence in Plastic Surgery

By |October 27th, 2020|News & Events, Newsletters, Press Releases|

Boca Raton Plastic Surgery Center has been providing the best plastic surgery services in Boca Raton since 1990 – and this month, we are celebrating our 30th anniversary! Be sure to stop by our office to see just how far plastic surgery in Florida has come. Today, we are proud of our state-of-the-art, accredited outpatient surgical facility, complete with an overnight recovery suite. We are also proud of Dr. Keusch and the positive effect this capable businessperson has on the Boca Raton community. She has helped thousands of women shape their faces and bodies to reflect the natural beauty they feel, inside and out. Because of her kindness, compassion, and [...]

2310, 2020

5 Questions to Ask Before Getting Lip Fillers

By |October 23rd, 2020|Lip Fillers|

Many patients love the look of beautiful, full lips, but it can be hard to achieve when your lips are naturally smaller or thinner. Lip injections offer a way for patients to get the look of full, plump lips in just a few minutes without surgery. This in-office procedure generally takes a short amount of time and can add shape, structure, and volume to your lips. Kylie Jenner has become an icon for her plump, full lips. Many patients want to have these beautiful lips as well, and the good news is that these days, there are many different natural substances that can be used to help individuals get the [...]

2210, 2020

3 Ways Exilis Therapy Can Keep You Looking Youthful

By |October 22nd, 2020|Exilis Therapy|

Seeing is believing, and when it comes to Exilis therapy, the results truly speak for themselves. Many patients look for non-invasive ways to keep their skin looking youthful and firm, whether it be on their face or other parts of their body that they would like to focus on. As we age, our skin goes through many changes, including becoming rougher and more fragile. With age, skin loses elastin, the elastic tissue in the skin that keeps it looking youthful and supple, and becomes more prone to sagging. Exilis therapy can also be used for fat reduction. This treatment allows patients to target areas where there is stubborn fat without [...]

2508, 2020

What Are the Benefits of Laser Skin Resurfacing?

By |August 25th, 2020|Laser Skin Resurfacing|

Looking for a skin treatment that can tackle your aging, hyperpigmentation, and skin texture woes - all in a single session? If that’s the case, it’s time for you to discover laser skin resurfacing. This non-surgical procedure uses CO2 energy to gently exfoliate away the top layer of the skin, where skin damage is most obvious. Within weeks of a laser skin resurfacing treatment, skin can appear younger, look more radiant, and feel firmer. Let’s take a closer look at the biggest benefits of laser skin resurfacing! It can fade away wrinkles and lines. Laser skin resurfacing is an excellent option [...]

1408, 2020

How Long is Recovery from a Breast Reduction?

By |August 14th, 2020|Breast Reduction|

Are you thinking of undergoing breast reduction surgery, but nervous about how much time you may need to take off from work for recovery? Or maybe you’ve got the PTO, but you’re feeling a little skittish about potential discomfort during your breast reduction recovery. Whatever the case may be, we’re here to answer this popular patient question: “How long is recovery from breast reduction?” View More Patient Results *Individual Results May Vary Breast Reduction Recovery Time In general, you should expect to take at least one week off from work for breast reduction recovery. You may want to take [...]

408, 2020

7 Tips for Your Best Breast Augmentation Recovery

By |August 4th, 2020|Breast Augmentation|

Are you considering breast augmentation surgery? If so, it’s safe to say you’re dreaming of the days when you can enjoy your new curves. Maybe you’ll wear more daring tops, or feel more confident in your favorite outfits. Or maybe you’ll just feel a little more comfortable in your skin again. Dreaming of those results is certainly exciting, but it’s also a good idea to focus on how you can have a healthy recovery, especially in the first weeks after your surgery. That’s why we’re here with the top seven tips for your best breast augmentation recovery! View More Patient Results *Individual Results [...]

2507, 2020

How Long Does a Facelift Last?

By |July 25th, 2020|Facelift|

When it comes to minimizing the appearance of sagging facial skin, no skin cream or serum can quite compare to the youth-enhancing powers of a facelift. Here’s why: A facelift helps address skin sagging down at the muscular level, where subdermal tissue has begun to break down and droop. By correcting this sagging at its source, a facelift can help address surface layer aging symptoms (like wrinkles and facial folds), while also preventing signs of sagging for years to come. But what do we mean by “years”? Exactly how long does a facelift last? View More Patient Results *Individual Results May Vary [...]

1507, 2020

How Does Kybella Work?

By |July 15th, 2020|Kybella|

When it comes to getting rid of fat, most experts champion diet and exercise. And while that may be an effective solution for body fat, the truth is that a healthy lifestyle alone may not be enough to target this common trouble spot: The double chin. Why Is It So Hard to Get Rid of a Double Chin? Submental fat - which is the fat that accumulates around the jawline and underneath the chin - can be incredibly difficult to get rid of because of - you guessed it - genetics.  Even if you’re a naturally thin person or you work [...]

407, 2020

Can I Breastfeed After a Breast Augmentation?

By |July 4th, 2020|Breast Augmentation|

Have you always wanted to undergo breast augmentation surgery, but you’re nervous you won’t be able to breastfeed your future children? It turns out that the risk of not being able to breastfeed after breast augmentation is a lot lower than you may think. Take a look at the information you need to know about breast augmentation and breastfeeding, including if the surgery will impact your ability to breastfeed. View More Patient Results *Individual Results May Vary Breast Augmentation and Breastfeeding: What You Need to Know Most women who undergo breast augmentation surgery won’t experience an impact on their [...]

1506, 2020

Is a Tummy Tuck Part of a Mommy Makeover?

By |June 15th, 2020|Mommy Makeover|

When it comes to getting your pre-baby body back, the Mommy Makeover procedure is the most effective option out there. Here’s why: a Mommy Makeover surgery can correct issues caused by pregnancy, breastfeeding, or just getting older. From flattening and contouring the stomach to lifting the breasts, the Mommy Makeover procedure can help women feel comfortable and confident in their skin again. If you have a stomach pooch that hasn’t gone away after having your children, read on to learn more about adding a tummy tuck to your Mommy Makeover. View More Patient Results *Individual Results May Vary Adding [...]

1005, 2020

How Much Does a Breast Lift Cost?

By |May 10th, 2020|Breast Lift|

Are you interested in breast lift surgery to correct drooping breasts - but you’re not sure how much you should start budgeting for the procedure? Whether you’re still considering breast lift surgery or you’re ready to schedule a consultation right now, take a look at how much breast lift surgery can cost, as well as the factors that can influence your surgical costs. View More Patient Results *Individual Results May Vary The Average Cost of a Breast Lift According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of breast lift surgery - also known as a mastopexy [...]

1404, 2020

How Does CO2 Laser Resurfacing Rejuvenate the Skin?

By |April 14th, 2020|CO2 Laser|

When it comes to rejuvenating your skin tone and texture, there are very few treatments that are as effective as CO2 laser skin resurfacing. This non-surgical treatment is an excellent choice for people who may be seeing skin issues as a result of: Hyperpigmentation Age spots Sun damage Wrinkles and fine lines And more Read on to discover how Dr. Keusch uses the CO2 laser resurfacing treatment to rejuvenate your skin! CO2 Laser Resurfacing: How It Works The CO2 laser is considered a fractional laser, meaning that it works to remove small layers of damaged dermal tissue. The CO2 laser emits [...]

2403, 2020

Are There Any Side Effects to Non-Surgical Body Contouring?

By |March 24th, 2020|SculpSure|

Getting the body you’ve always wanted involves a lot of hard work, like going to the gym and eating a healthy diet. So what if you’re doing all the right things, yet you’re not seeing the results you want? That’s where non-surgical body contouring treatments come in. Read on to find out more about this innovative treatment, including if there are any side effects to non-surgical body contouring. What is Non-Surgical Body Contouring? Non-surgical body contouring is an umbrella term used to describe technologies that target and damage fat cells, all without requiring any surgical incisions or general anesthesia.  The way [...]

1203, 2020

How Much Does Botox Cost?

By |March 12th, 2020|Botox|

Admit it: You’re pretty interested in Botox injections. Maybe you had a friend get Botox injections, and she had fantastic results. Or perhaps you have a few stubborn forehead wrinkles and lines that you want to minimize. No matter what brought you here on your Botox journey, you’ve probably arrived at this crucial question: “How much does Botox cost?” The Average Price of a Botox Unit Botox injections aren’t priced at random; in fact, there’s a baseline cost to Botox that can give you a good clue as to how much you’ll pay for your procedure.  Botox is delivered in units, [...]

503, 2020

Will a Tummy Tuck Leave Scars?

By |March 5th, 2020|Tummy Tuck|

If you have excess skin around your stomach as the result of major weight loss or pregnancy, you may be a good candidate for a tummy tuck procedure. This surgery - also known as an abdominoplasty - is an excellent solution for people who are having a difficult time losing a stomach pooch or excess skin, despite doing all the right things with diet and exercise. In most cases, the reason why you have that pooch comes down to abdominal wall damage and skin laxity issues. The tummy tuck aims to address those concerns by repairing abdominal damage, as well as removing excess skin. Since abdominoplasty is performed on [...]

2002, 2020

How Much Does a Neck Lift Cost?

By |February 20th, 2020|Neck Lift|

Are you bothered by the sight of sagging skin and excess wrinkles around your neck and jawline? If so, you may be a good candidate for neck lift surgery. This popular cosmetic procedure aims to remove excess skin on the jawline and neck, as well as contour the neck muscles to replicate a more youthful appearance. The overall result can take years off of your appearance, as well as make you excited to show off your neckline again! If this sounds interesting to you, but you’re not sure how much you’ll need to budget to get this work done, let’s take a closer look at how much a neck [...]

1302, 2020

What is the Best Breast Implant for Me?

By |February 13th, 2020|Breast Augmentation|

Are you interested in undergoing breast augmentation surgery, but not sure which implant is the right option for you? While your plastic surgeon will give you comprehensive recommendations during your breast augmentation consultation, here’s a quick rundown on the different types of breast implants you can expect to encounter. View More Patient Results *Individual Results May Vary The 4 Main Implants You Need to Know 1. Saline breast implants. Saline implants consist of a silicone shell that’s filled with saline water. This implant can be placed within the breast as is, or the deflated implant can be placed under [...]


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