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When it comes to getting your pre-baby body back, the Mommy Makeover procedure is the most effective option out there.

Here’s why: a Mommy Makeover surgery can correct issues caused by pregnancy, breastfeeding, or just getting older. From flattening and contouring the stomach to lifting the breasts, the Mommy Makeover procedure can help women feel comfortable and confident in their skin again.

If you have a stomach pooch that hasn’t gone away after having your children, read on to learn more about adding a tummy tuck to your Mommy Makeover.

Adding a Tummy Tuck to Your Mommy Makeover

A tummy tuck – also referred to as abdominoplasty – is a popular cosmetic procedure that flattens damaged abdominal walls that may have been “pushed out” during pregnancy. This effect is what causes the pooch that many mothers have, as once the abdominal walls are damaged, they cannot be fixed through diet and exercise alone.

During a tummy tuck, Dr. Keusch can reposition your abdominal muscles to achieve a tighter stomach.

Signs You Should Add a Tummy Tuck to Your Mommy Makeover

Dr. Keusch can provide you with expert guidance on the surgeries that can help you achieve your desired goals. 

But if you’re still curious about your candidacy for tummy tuck surgery as part of your Mommy Makeover, take a look at these signs that the procedure could help:

  • You have a stubborn excess skin around your lower stomach that doesn’t respond to diet and exercise.
  • You have a post-pregnancy stomach buldge that’s never really gone away.
  • You have excess skin, especially in the area between your belly button and your pelvic region.

In addition to these key indicators, you should be a healthy individual who has realistic expectations for the outcome of your Mommy Makeover surgery.

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