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Juvederm XC

Juvederm XC

Reverse the signs of aging by smoothing facial lines and wrinkles

Juvederm XC is a dermal filler that contains hyaluronic acid, a renowned and naturally occurring compound that adds volume while increasing the skin’s elasticity and firmness. Hyaluronic acid can do a multitude of things, including boosting collagen production, acting as scaffolding beneath the dermis, and even helping the skin retain more moisture (think a dewy, radiant-looking complexion).

Juvederm XC is designed to fill out and minimize the appearance of facial wrinkles and folds, particularly those around the nose and mouth.


You’re a good candidate for Juvederm XC if you have mild to moderate facial folds and wrinkles, particularly around your nose and mouth (the nasolabial folds). All candidates should be healthy individuals with realistic expectations for their results.


Like with most dermal fillers, a typical Juvederm XC injection takes about 15 to 30 minutes to perform. Juvederm XC contains lidocaine, so patients may experience less discomfort during the injection process.


Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to contact our office directly if you have additional questions about Juvederm.

Initial results are usually visible about two to three days after treatment, with optimal results appearing after one to two weeks. Results can literally peel years off of your face, as you’ll notice your facial folds and wrinkles practically fade away, and your skin appear firmer and more hydrated. Best of all, these results can last anywhere from six to nine months.

There’s no downtime associated with Juvederm XC injections, although you should expect some mild swelling, bruising, and tenderness at the injection site. These side effects usually last for a few days before fading away.

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