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Are you undergoing an abdominoplasty procedure – also known as a tummy tuck – and want to know what to expect after your surgery?

Wonder no more. Take a look at the five things you should expect after your abdominoplasty surgery.

5 Things to Expect After Your Tummy Tuck

1. The first few days will be uncomfortable.

While you won’t be in tons of pain after your abdominoplasty, you should expect to feel uncomfortable. That’s why you should prepare your home for that first week of recovery. Set up a TV where you’ll be relaxing, prep plenty of meals, and invest in entertainment. Taking these steps can help ensure that you minimize your movements as much as possible during those first few days.

2. You’ll have plenty of follow-up appointments.

Most patients have a few follow-up appointments after a tummy tuckYou should expect to have one within the first three days, where Dr. Keusch will remove your drains. You’ll have more additional appointments with Dr. Keusch to check in on your recovery.

3. You’ll need to lay low for a while.

Don’t rush your abdominoplasty recovery or return to work before you’re ready. This is your time to relax and recover – if you rush the process, you could end up putting your recovery at risk. Wait for sign-off from Dr. Keusch and her team before going back to work or hitting the gym.

4. You can’t smoke or drink for several weeks.

You’ll be advised to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol for at least six weeks, as they can both interfere with your healthy healing process.

5. You’ll need to avoid taking aspirin.

Aspirin is a notorious blood thinner, so you’ll be advised to avoid taking aspirin for pain during the first few weeks after your abdominoplasty. Here’s why: Taking aspirin could end up causing excessive bleeding, which can put your healthy recovery at risk.

If you’re worried about feeling uncomfortable during your recovery, Dr. Keusch may prescribe you pain medication.

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