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Interested in breast augmentation surgery, but not sure how much you should start saving up?

That’s why we’re uncovering the cost of breast augmentation surgery, including the most common factors that influence the total cost of your cosmetic procedure.

What Factors Affect My Breast Augmentation Cost?

1. Your plastic surgeon’s experience.

Your plastic surgeon’s experience can have a huge influence on the total cost of your breast augmentation surgery. However, don’t try to save money by finding an inexperienced surgeon; you should only put your health – and your future results – in the hands of the best. Head over to Dr. Keusch’s curriculum vitae and about page to learn more about her experience and skills.

2. The implants you choose.

The type, size, and brand of implant you choose can have a small impact on the total cost of your breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Keusch can walk through the costs associated with your implants during your initial consultation.

3. Your location.

Believe it or not, your plastic surgeon’s practice location makes a big difference in how much you end up paying. If you live in a major metropolitan city or affluent suburban area, you’ll probably end up paying more than someone who lives in a more modest suburban area or low-cost city.

4. Additional surgical costs.

There are smaller additional fees that can increase the total cost of your breast augmentation surgery. These fees can include general anesthesia, prescription medications, and even costs associated with surgical centers.

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The best way to find out what your breast augmentation surgery is going to cost is to schedule a breast augmentation consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Keusch to discuss your options.

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