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The areas around the eyelids are often the first to reveal signs of aging.  The skin there is thin,  delicate, and prone to develop fine lines and wrinkles.  Drooping eyelids appear heavy and give the impression of tiredness and fatigue.  Pockets of fat may form under the lower lids, giving the appearance of bags under the eyes.  Sagging skin and puffiness make people appear older, tired, and not well rested.  Drooping upper eyelids can even obstruct vision.

Quadruple blepharoplasty, or combined upper and lower eyelid surgery, is a procedure that removes fat, bulk, and excess skin from both eyelid areas.  A major benefit of the quadruple surgery is both eyelids are rejuvenated at the same time with a single recovery period.  Patients who could benefit from an upper and lower eyelid lift can achieve more dramatic results and a more youthful appearance from the combined surgeries.  It’s helpful to have an understanding of the impact of surgeries on the upper and lower eyelids and what can be achieved.

Upper Blepharoplasty

Muscles that support the eyelid can weaken over time, causing the lid to sag.  The eyes begin to look hooded.  The skin loses tone and elasticity as we age.  Sagging, swelling, and puffiness can interfere with vision.  An upper eyelid lift removes excess skin, tightens loose muscles and ligaments, and opens up the eye.  Some insurance plans may cover this procedure if it’s deemed medically necessary in order to improve the patient’s vision.

Lower Blepharoplasty

Lower eyelid surgery removes fatty deposits, sagging skin, and some wrinkling below the eye.  Weakened muscles can be tightened, and hollow areas beneath the eye can be plumped by repositioning excess fat.  Insurance generally does not cover this procedure since these under eye issues do not typically affect the vision.

Quadruple Blepharoplasty and Recovery

Some patients may benefit from having their upper and lower eyelid issues addressed at the same time.  Following surgery patients should expect some swelling and bruising around the eyes.  Contact lenses cannot be worn for one to two weeks post-surgery.  This is necessary to limit touching the area near the incisions and limit the risk of infection.  Most patients can return to normal activities within a week or two.  Much of the major swelling and bruising should resolve in six weeks.  After recovery, patients should see younger, smoother, and well rested eyes.

Next Steps

Both women and men can look younger and rejuvenated following eyelid surgery.  Blepharoplasty is one of the most commonly requested facial surgeries today.  Dr. Cristina Keusch performs many of these procedures each year at Boca Raton Plastic Surgery Center.  She will help patients determine their best surgical options based on their individual needs and circumstances.  Contact our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Keusch.