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How can someone achieve a flatter stomach when diet and exercise simply have not worked?  It’s frustrating to try hard at reducing that tummy pooch and not realize the results we long to see.  The issue could involve damaged abdominal walls that need to be surgically repaired.  It may also be the result of aging or considerable weight loss that has left loose, over stretched skin around the midsection.  Unfortunately diet and exercise alone will not totally fix those problems.  A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is the surgical procedure that can banish the unwanted tummy pooch.

What is a tummy tuck?

The tummy tuck repairs damaged abdominal walls and lays them flat again.  Weakened and separated muscles are restored.  Excess fat and skin are removed to make the abdomen smoother and firmer.  A tummy tuck can be done along with other body contouring procedures, such as a breast lift and liposuction, as part of a mommy makeover.  It is often chosen by women who have finished their childbearing and long to have their pre-baby figure back.  The procedure is also used for individuals who have lost a significant amount of weight.

Who is a good candidate?

A good candidate has a stubborn tummy pooch that has not responded to diet and exercise.  Women are generally advised to wait until they are finished having children before considering a tummy tuck.  The person’s weight should be stable. Abdominoplasty is not a substitute for weight loss.  The candidate should be in good overall health, a non-smoker, and have realistic expectations for their procedure.

What to expect during recovery?

Abdominoplasty is a major surgery performed under general anesthesia.  Recovery takes four to six weeks, although some post-op swelling may last longer.  The first week should be spent resting and recuperating at home.  Compression garments will be worn around the stomach for several weeks to help reduce swelling and bruising and to support healing.  Depending on their job duties, a patient may be cleared to return to work in a week or two.  Overexertion, strenuous exercise, and heavy lifting must be avoided for at least six weeks.

What results will I see?

Patients will begin to see a flatter, more contoured stomach in about six weeks, when a majority of swelling has disappeared.  They will continue to see results for several months after surgery.  Patient satisfaction ratings are extremely high after tummy tuck surgery.

Take the next step.

Dr. Cristina Keusch is a Board-certified plastic surgeon who has been in practice since 1990.  Her many abdominoplasty patients have seen amazing results.  If you have considered tummy tuck surgery, you may have lots of questions.  Dr. Keusch invites you to contact her at Boca Raton Plastic Surgery Center for an in-person consultation.  She is dedicated to providing patients with the personalized care they need.