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One of the consequences of aging is the loss of cheek volume.  The high, full cheeks we enjoyed in our youth begin to sag.  Cheeks may become flat or hollowed.  Laugh lines may appear more prominent.  The face loses its natural contours, making it appear older and tired.  Is there a fix for this problem?

A midface or cheek lift surgery addresses these issues.  A cheek lift elevates the fat pads in the cheeks to bring back fullness in the midface region.  A traditional facelift targets sagging in the lower face, particularly around the jaw and neckline.  A cheek lift restores volume and contour to the midface, giving the face balance and a more youthful appearance.

What causes sagging or drooping cheeks?

Cheeks naturally tend to lose fat and flatten out as we age.  The skin becomes looser and the face appears leaner.  A decrease in collagen production leads to wrinkles and sagginess.  A major weight loss and our genetics also contribute to sagging skin.

Cheeks that sag can change the shape of the face.  Nasolabial folds, the wrinkle between the side of the nose and the corner of the mouth, become more pronounced.  The mouth may slant downward.  The area under the eyes can become hollow-looking or shadowed.

What about dermal fillers?

Injectable dermal fillers can be used to temporarily add volume to the cheeks.  They also stimulate the skin’s natural production of collagen.  Fillers can produce natural looking results with short downtime in people with minimal signs of aging.  However, results are not permanent.  Additional treatments will be needed in a year or two.

Non-surgical Skin Tightening

There are some non-surgical skin tightening procedures that may restore lost cheek volume.  However, these procedures cannot replicate the results of a midface lift.

  •   Ultherapy – Ultrasound technology is used to lift, tighten, and tone facial skin that is prone to drooping.  Depending on the patient’s age and skin health, results can last as long as two years.
  •   Laser Lift with Precision Tx – This treatment targets and heats deep subdermal layers of skin to promote significant skin tightening.  It also triggers the body’s natural collagen production.

A Surgical Solution

A cheek lift can produce long lasting results and helps patients look refreshed and rejuvenated.  It’s recommended for people who are no longer seeing their desired results from dermal fillers or non-surgical treatments.  Deeper, structural corrections can be achieved with surgery.  It’s possible to combine a cheek lift with other plastic surgeries such as a lower eyelid lift or a brow lift.  Costs may be less, only one general anesthesia is required, and there is just one recovery period.

Next Steps

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