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Tummy tuck surgery, or abdominoplasty, can correct some of the unwanted after effects of pregnancy or significant weight loss. It addresses loose, flabby skin, stretch marks, and a bulging belly. These unwelcome changes to the body post-pregnancy or weight loss usually don’t respond well to diet and exercise. An abdominoplasty helps the patient achieve a slimmer, more toned and contoured stomach.

While the cosmetic improvements of a tummy tuck are often the patient’s main goal, there are internal reasons why the surgery may be beneficial.

Repairs Stomach Muscles

The sets of muscles that make up the abdominal wall are very elastic. They are able to stretch easily. The muscles are connected to each other by fascia tissue, which does not stretch well. After a pregnancy or a major weight loss, the muscles can often return to their previous state. However, sometimes the muscles separate. Unfortunately, the fascia tissue does not recover in the same way as muscle, so the fascia may end up loose and stretched out. Repair of both the separated muscle and surrounding fascia tissue during an abdominoplasty restores the abdominal wall to a flatter, smoother appearance.

Strengthens the Core

An abdominoplasty can strengthen the abdominal muscles and a weakened core. This may improve a person’s posture. Stronger abdominal muscles can help relieve pain in the low back. Abdominoplasty can help eliminate problems with a ventral hernia, a painful condition that affects quality of life. Stronger abdominal muscles can help alleviate a woman’s problems with stress urinary incontinence, or accidental urine leakage that may occur with coughing, sneezing, or laughing.

Removes Belly Fat

Excess subcutaneous belly fat can be safely removed during abdominoplasty through liposuction. This addresses stubborn fatty bulges on the abdomen that have not responded to lifestyle changes like diet and exercise. Adding liposuction to the procedure provides subtle contouring improvements. However, liposuction should not be considered a weight loss tool.

Recovery and Results

Abdominoplasty is performed under general anesthesia. The patient must wear compression garments following surgery to help reduce swelling and bruising. Post-operative swelling may be present for 4-6 weeks. The patient will begin to see results after the swelling subsides. Final results may not be visible for 6 months.

Confidence Booster

A tummy tuck can be a huge confidence booster. The abdomen becomes leaner, more attractive, and allows for more choices in clothing styles. It eliminates embarrassment when choosing swimsuits and more tightly fitted garments. The internal advantages of a tummy tuck produce long-lasting health benefits.

Dr. Cristina Keusch, Board Certified plastic surgeon, has performed tummy tucks at Boca Raton Plastic Surgery Center since 1990. This surgery has extremely high patient satisfaction ratings. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.