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Are you frustrated with areas of your body where stubborn fat has taken hold, despite your best efforts to eliminate it through diet and exercise? Would you like to see a more contoured body profile with tighter, younger-looking skin? Exilis Therapy can help you achieve those desired results in many of the body’s problem areas.

What Is Exilis?

Exilis Therapy is an innovative, non-invasive treatment that can tighten skin while shrinking fat cells. It’s used to tone the skin and improve skin texture while reducing unwanted areas of fat. The treatment works as radiofrequency energy heats targeted fat cells to increase their metabolism. This causes the fat cells to shrink and break down. At the same time, collagen and elastin production is increased and strengthened. The new collagen tightens the loose and sagging skin in the targeted area and helps to eliminate wrinkles. Exilis can also reduce the appearance of cellulite. The treatment is pain free; no anesthetics or numbing creams are needed. Many patients find the treatment process to be relaxing.

What Parts Of The Body Can Be Treated?

Virtually all parts of the body can be treated. Exilis can be used to tighten skin on the face and neck. It can address problem areas on the arms, thighs, knees, and central torso. Women can see an improvement to areas of “bra fat”. Both men and women can reduce fatty deposits in the waist and hips such as “love handles” and “muffin tops”. Exilis is suitable for all skin types.

Is There Any Downtime?

There is no downtime following Exilis treatments. Normal activities can be resumed immediately. Treatments can even be scheduled during your lunch break. There are no significant side effects from the procedure.

How Many Treatments Are Recommended?

Treatment depends on the areas of the body being targeted. Other factors include the age of the patient, condition of their skin, and the desired results. Each area can take 20-30 minutes to treat. Four to six treatments scheduled a week apart may be recommended for best results. Exilis provides long-lasting results as long as weight is maintained through normal diet and exercise.

Who Is A Good Candidate?

Exilis Therapy is a good option for patients who have mild to moderate fat deposits, moderate skin laxity, and have been unable to lose fat through diet and exercise alone. It’s a great alternative for patients who don’t want to have surgery or are prohibited by medical reasons from having surgery.

Special Savings on Exilis Therapy

Boca Raton Plastic Surgery offers special saving for Exilis Therapy.

  • Buy 2 areas get 10% off; or buy 3 areas get 20% off.
  • Post-surgical patients pay $250 per session. Patients can pay as they go for as many sessions as they choose.
  • Non-surgical patients pay up front for a package of 4 sessions. Package prices vary by body area.
    • Buttocks – $1,400
    • Abdomen – $2,000 (most popular area)
    • Inner Thighs – $2,000
    • Face – $3,600

Exilis Therapy is an excellent option for patients that are looking for additional toning and tightening after a surgery.  It is especially recommended for tummy tucks, body lifts, and liposuction.

Look and feel your best

If you are considering Exilis Therapy to tighten skin and reduce areas of stubborn fat, request a consultation today. Dr. Cristina Keusch is happy to answer your questions and help you determine if Exilis Therapy is right for you.