Are you out of state, but still want the expertise of Dr. Cristina Keusch?

Our practice services both local and out of town patients.  If you are considering plastic surgery but live outside the area, rest assured that we can commence the process prior to your arrival in South Florida.  Our experienced staff will guide you prior to your arrival so that your time in South Florida will be most efficiently used to address your surgical and nonsurgical needs.

Any treatment recommendations or discussions will need to be confirmed with an in office consultation and examination with Dr. Cristina Keusch.  Upon finalizing the surgical plan, pre-and postoperative instructions will be reviewed.  Preliminary discussions of the financial aspects of the surgical procedure may be commenced prior to your arrival and will be confirmed after the formal office visit.

It is recommended that you have a caretaker available to you for a few days following any surgical procedure.  You should plan to stay in the area for several days or weeks after the procedure or as long as Dr. Keusch advises to ensure a safe and excellent outcome.


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