Beauty from the back

A targeted cosmetic surgery may be your answer to banishing those annoying bra fat rolls and tightening the loose skin of the upper back.  An upper body lift, also called a bra-line lift, can create a slimmer, more streamlined profile and eliminate the need for upper body shapewear.  The procedure gets rid of stubborn pockets of back fat that don’t generally respond well to diet and exercise.  The excess sagging skin that is difficult to tone will be removed as well, leaving a smoother shape.

Who can benefit?

People who have lost a significant amount of weight are often left with excess skin.  In addition, there may be areas of fat that don’t seem to go away.  Genetics, diet, and lifestyle factors can determine where body fat is deposited.  In women, the fatty pockets may be more noticeable in the upper back and sides along the bra line.  In men, the problem may be more visible in the “love handle” area.  A body lift can address all of these problem areas.

What about liposuction?

Liposuction can permanently remove fat deposits.  However, it doesn’t address skin laxity.  It may actually make the loose skin look worse.  When skin has lost its elasticity, the upper body lift will produce better results than liposuction alone.

Factors to consider before an upper body lift

beautiful women in fitness clothes after an upper body lift

An upper body lift is not a weight loss procedure.  A person who has lost significant weight should have reached their weight loss goal and maintained a stable weight for several months before surgery.  Fluctuations in weight can negatively impact the results.  Body lift procedures will require a recovery period of six to eight weeks, so patients should prepare to take up to two weeks off work and have adequate support at home during their recuperation.

Is there scarring?

Since the upper body lift removes excess skin and fat along the back bra line, the surgeon will usually be able to position the incision so that it will be hidden under the bra.  It should not be visible in most outfits.  The patient will see amazing results in a smoother, more contoured upper body.

Expert Care

Plastic surgeries are very customizable, based on a patient’s needs and goals.  A highly knowledgeable plastic surgeon will recommend the best procedure for their patient.  Dr. Cristina Keusch, Board Certified plastic surgeon, has been performing body contouring procedures at Boca Raton Plastic Surgery Center since 1990.  Contact our office to schedule a consultation.