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Are you dissatisfied with your facial appearance?  Do fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin make you look tired or older?  Can you envision firmer, tighter skin turning back the hands of time?  You may have already tried some non-invasive cosmetic procedures that helped for a while, but now you feel you may need more.  It might be time to consider a facelift.

A facelift can restore the contours of the face, producing results that help an individual look years younger.  Typically, the lower two thirds of the face is targeted.  Visible signs of aging on the face and neck will be improved.  Skin laxity in many areas, including the jowls, will be corrected.  The patient will appear refreshed and rejuvenated following a facelift.

Why does skin sag with age?

Both the production of collagen and elastin decline with age.  Those proteins are important for maintaining youthful skin.  Collagen provides the structure and support for the skin.  Elastin allows the skin to recover when stretched.  When these proteins break down, sagginess and wrinkles increase.  Too much sun exposure over the years also accelerates aging of the skin.  Ultraviolet light destroys collagen and elastin, causing changes to the skin.

Anyone who has lost a significant amount of weight may be left with loose and saggy skin.  The loss of fat and thinning skin leads to skin laxity.  Heredity plays a role for some people.  Genetics may predispose them to have sagging skin.

How does a facelift correct these issues?

Dr. Cristina Keusch is a highly respected plastic surgeon known for her natural-looking facelifts.  She is able to sculpt and redistribute fat from the face, jowls, and neck.  Facial muscles can be lifted to bring them back to a more youthful position.  Excess skin will be removed.  Incisions will be carefully made around the ears, in the hairline, and under the chin so they will be largely camouflaged.  Dr. Keusch highly individualizes each facelift according to the patient’s needs.

Will my results be permanent?

A facelift generally lasts about ten years.  Since the aging process does not stop, the skin may sag again over time.  Lifestyle choices can impact the longevity of a facelift.  Patients should maintain a healthy weight and avoid significant weight gain and loss.  Smokers should stop smoking, since smoking increases production of an enzyme that breaks down collagen.  People should avoid heavy drinking, as alcohol dehydrates the skin and depletes important vitamin levels.  The skin must be protected from the harmful effects of UV light.  Patients should use sunscreen when outdoors and avoid tanning beds.

Choosing the Right Surgeon

For best results, it’s essential to choose the right surgeon to perform your facelift.  Dr. Keusch is a Board Certified plastic surgeon with many years of expertise in performing cosmetic procedures at Boca Raton Plastic Surgery Center Contact us today to schedule your consultation.