If you have excess skin around your stomach as the result of major weight loss or pregnancy, you may be a good candidate for a tummy tuck procedure. This surgery – also known as an abdominoplasty – is an excellent solution for people who are having a difficult time losing a stomach pooch or excess skin, despite doing all the right things with diet and exercise.

In most cases, the reason why you have that pooch comes down to abdominal wall damage and skin laxity issues. The tummy tuck aims to address those concerns by repairing abdominal damage, as well as removing excess skin.

Since abdominoplasty is performed on the abdomen – which is usually visible on the beach or in the bedroom – many of our patients ask us: “Will tummy tuck surgery leave scars?”

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4 Things You Need to Know About Tummy Tuck Scarring

1. Yes, it will leave a scar.

All surgical procedures have potential for scarring. Dr. Cristina Keusch only uses a lower pelvic line incision paired with a separate circular belly button incision to reduce the scarring area. This incision technique allows her to effectively perform the abdominoplasty, all while reducing scarring.

Some patients may only need a lower tummy tuck, in which case the incision is only made along the pelvic region.

2. Some of your scarrings can be hidden.

The incision that’s made along the pelvic region can usually be hidden by underwear or most bikini bottoms.

3. There are procedures to reduce raised scarring.

If you have bumpy or raised scarring from your incisions, your plastic surgeon can resurface the skin on the scars so that they’re less obvious. This procedure can usually be done about six months after the initial tummy tuck surgery.

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4. Your scarring should appear less obvious over time.

Your tummy tuck scar won’t always be pink; in fact, most patients barely notice it about one to two years after their abdominoplasty surgery.

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