Are you interested in enhancing your bustline with breast augmentation surgery, but not exactly thrilled by the prospect of taking weeks off from work or life?

As it turns out, you may not need all that recovery time. Read on to discover the average recovery time for breast augmentation, including what you can expect from breast augmentation recovery.

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*Individual Results May Vary

Average Recovery Time for Breast Augmentation

While every patient is different, most women can expect to devote about four weeks to their breast augmentation recovery. That doesn’t mean you’ll be down and out for the entire four weeks; in fact, most patients are able to return to work after a few days of downtime.

What to Expect from Your Breast Augmentation Recovery

The most intensive recovery period is usually during the first few days, when patients are most apt to experience discomfort as they heal. In some cases there may be a drainage tube which is generally removed after the first few days.

Breast Augmentation Consultations Available

Patients are allowed to return to work after the first few days. There will be restrictions to straining and high impact activities. These restrictions will be discussed before surgery so that you may plan ahead.

Most patients may resume full activities in 4-6 weeks. instructions will be reviewed throughout the postoperative period. 

By week six, most patients are fully recovered and excited about their breast augmentation results!

I normally never take the time to write reviews, but i am SO THRILLED WITH MY RESULTS, I just had to write I’d like to shout to all! ..”Women, please do not live with breasts that you don’t like !”- I’m sorry i waited as long as i did to do it. If i had known how great they were going to turn out? I would have run into surgery! I had a breast augmentation done by Dr. Keusch – (6 months ago) it was a tricky one as I needed a lift however, i really didn’t want the “lolly pop” scars typical in a breast lift. Dr Keusch is such a magician she managed to not only give me the perfect lift (W/O doing the lolly pop) as well as great new and improved and gorgeous implants! They turned out Amazing. And I have virtually invisible scars around the areola, which will be completely gone in another 6 months. I Cannot say enough Great things about Dr Keusch and her incredible staff! I’ve gone to her for 3 different surgeries and I couldn’t be happier… what else can i get done!?? 🙂 Thank you Dr. Keusch!

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