It takes about four to six weeks to fully recover from facelift surgery – but what else can you do to ensure that you’re back on your feet faster?

Take a look at our five tips to a quick (and healthy!) facelift recovery.

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5 of the Fastest Facelift Recovery Tips

1. Follow your surgeon’s post-surgical plan.

Before you even undergo your facelift surgery, your plastic surgeon will develop a post-surgical recovery plan for you. Follow this plan as closely as possible, as it’s customized to help you recover as quickly and healthily as possible. 

2. Devote at least one week to uninterrupted R + R.

Take at least one week off from work and rest as much as possible. Don’t push yourself to do anything during this first week, as this is the time period where you’re setting the stage for the rest of your healing.

3. Get help if you need it.

There’s no shame in asking for help if you need it. Whether you live by yourself or need part-time help with your children, hiring a babysitter, nurse, or asking friends or family members to pitch in can help make your facelift recovery a lot easier.

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4. Drink plenty of water.

Staying hydrated is a critical part of quickly recovering from your facelift. Hydration helps your surgical incisions heal faster, plus it ensures that you don’t run into any complications related to dehydration. 

5. Don’t physically push yourself.

After two to three weeks of recovery, you might be ready to go back to the gym or start doing physical activity again. It’s understandable, especially if you consider yourself to be an active person.

However, you should wait until you get your plastic surgeon’s signoff before going back to the gym or doing strenuous activity. If you physically push yourself before you’re ready, you could end up undermining your healing process.

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