There are many kinds of doctors. However, there are not many doctors like Dr. Cristina Keusch! Her patients and their families continuously comment on her kind and compassionate nature. Always aware of her patient’s need for information, their anxiety levels, and their excitement. Dr. Keusch takes the time to insure that her patients are informed and comfortable with the procedures that they desire.

“It’s been two years since my radiation ended, and you’d never know that I had breast cancer.”

“It was nice not to feel rushed. Dr. Keusch gave me the time I needed.”

“Dr. Keusch makes me feel extremely comfortable, I was embarrassed and nervous when I made my appointment. That all went away as soon as Dr. Keusch introduced herself. Her compassion was evident from the first moment of the consultation.”

“After having my breasts removed I made an appointment with Dr. Keusch. She took the time to explain all of the options that were available and recommended the procedure that would give me the best possible results for my situation. That has been several years ago. Now she is going to do my eyes!”

“Dr. Keusch took the time to answer all of my questions concerning the procedure that I want to have, she explained to me and my husband the realistic results that I should expect, what a difference.”

“I had lived with terrible scars from treatment for skin cancer. My friend recommended that I go see Dr. Keusch, I am so thankful that I took her advice.”

Dr. Cristina Keusch’s office is located in Boca Raton. A complimentary consultation can be arranged by calling 561-368-9455.

For video animation of several plastic surgery procedures, please refer to the American Society of Plastic Surgery website and click on “Procedure Animations” toward the middle of the page.

Video Testimonials

The following videos are of real patients of Dr. Keusch, and are not paid for their endorsements.

Eliana’s Story

14 years ago, a mother needed emergency plastic surgery for her daughter who had accidentially cut herself in the face. Then, 3 years ago, this same mother was in a bad car accident, needing plastic surgery on her face to fix the scars.

Elizabeth’s Story

Had a tummy tuck and liposuction with Dr. Keusch. Hear more about how grateful and comfortable she is with Dr. Keusch.

Joni’s Story

A patient of Dr. Keusch for more than 3 years, who most recently had a Fraxel laser procedure rather than surgical face lift procedure.Â

Dr. Keusch is on staff and performs surgery at the Boca Raton Regional. Learn more about Dr. Keusch.